How to play

Up Arrow = Accelerate

Down Arrow= Brake

Right/Left Arrows = Lean Forward/Back

Z = Eject

Space = Primary Action

Ctrl/Shift = Secondary Actions

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels
  • Happy Wheels
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Happy Wheels was published by Fancy Force on June 4, 2010. Created by Jim Bonacci, happy wheels was best known for its dark sense of humor and its graphic violence.

The tagline of the game is "Choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory!". The gameplay mechanics may differ depending on your character choice and level. Your goal also differs on each level. However, in most levels, you need to race to the finish line or collect tokens without letting your character get hurt.

It might be more difficult than you think. The game is over even when the smallest body part injuries. It takes much patience to finish the goal. Make your best efforts to survive in this glory and funny game! There are about 5 million levels made by users. 

Game tips and guide:

1. Take it slow - Obstacles and traps are scattered around the path and you don't know what's up ahead.

2. Use the tilt controls to restore your balance and try not to fall.

3. Try to protect your head at all costs.

4. Replay levels. The only way to get better is to familiarize yourself with the path. You can replay the level until you memorize the path.

Good luck!



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