How to play

Arrows/WASD to Move

Mouse to Aim or to Shoot

SPACE to Fly

Q to Jump

C to Fly down

Shift to Sprint

R to Dodge

Left click to Fireball

Shift + Left click to Fire breath

T to Chat

M to View map

Right click to Melee attack

Dragon Simulator

Dragon Simulator
  • Dragon Simulator
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Dragon Simulator is a 3D multiplayer simulator game. Join the battles against other dragons and shoot fireballs to destroy them and collect their souls. You will win once you absorbed 100 of them! There are multiple game modes for you to choose from including death-match, team death-match, Battle Royale, and Zombie mode.


Exit Path Game

Play game: Exit Path. Simply survive and make it to the exit at the far right. Good Luck!

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