How to play

Player 1: Use Arrow keys to Move. Z to Shoot. X to Bomb.

Player 2: Use WASD to Move. T to Shoot. Y to Bomb.

Player 3 & 4: Free to Assign Keys.

Gun Mayhem 2 Game

Gun Mayhem 2 Game
  • Gun Mayhem 2 Game
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Gun Mayhem 2 is a gun shooting game. Defeat your opponents by blasting and shooting them off the patform. It supports up to 4 players. It's back with new levels, characters, bots, and guns. You can play Gun Mayhem online for free!


The Shotgun Princess 2 Game

Our Shotgun Princess is trapped again! This time, Hurry up she's in a Goblin's prison. Why are these goblins so aggro? Use your escaping skills to bust out! .

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