How to play

Small brother:

AD = Move

W = Jump

Big brother:

Left/right arrow = move

Up arrow = jump

Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2
  • Money Movers 2
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  • adventure


In Money Movers 2, the two brothers are trying to help their father escape from the prison. Use lasers, switches, moving platforms, and all kinds of objects to get to the exit. It has puzzling obstacles, challenging levels, and new interactive characters. Enjoy this fun puzzle platformer game!


Zombie Massacre

In Zombie Massacre we play an heroic cowboy which stands apart the zombies to defend the people with melee and ranged weapons. From the left and right side zombies attack us. We have to defend our people or survive. With the money earned we can buy new weapons, improve ours and gather supplies for the next round. Good luck.

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