How to play

Use the Arrow keys or WASD to Move

Use your Mouse to Aim or to Shoot

Use R/Right click to Reload

Use Q/Shift to switch weapons

Use E/Ctrl to perform a kill streak

Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3
  • Strike Force Heroes 3
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Strike Force Heroes 3 is the third sequel of the epic shooting game series. Arm your soldiers with powerful weapons and lead them to the victory. Destroy all the enemies and survive through challenging levels. This new version comes with 60 missions, new weapons, and squats. You can play Strike Force Heroes for free now.


Slice the Finger Game

Play game: Slice the Finger. The world is full of fingers. Pointing, picking, flicking and fingering their non sense and treachery at anyone whom dare cross their path. Strike back with razorblades, guillotines and switch blades in this gory fight for whats right. Have fun!

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