How to play

Player 1: Arrow Keys = Move. Ctrl = Shoot.

Player 2: ESDF = Move. Q = Shoot.

Player 3: 8456 = Move. 0 = Shoot.

Player 4: IJKL = Move. Y = Shoot.

One player mode: Arrows = Move. M = Shoot.

Tank Trouble 2 Game

Tank Trouble 2 Game
  • Tank Trouble 2 Game
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Tank Trouble 2 is a fun multiplayer tank game. Control your tank and shoot all your enemies. Watch out as bullets bounce off the walls and you may end up killing yourself if you don't think carefully before shooting. This game supports up to 4 players. So you can have fun with your friends. 


Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is another amazing installment of the Wheely game series released in 2016. This time Wheely needs to help some aliens fix their spaceship and get back to their planet. Solve puzzles, clear different obstacles, and complete all 12 levels to collect the right spaceship parts. Find 2 hidden items in each map to earn extra points. It's a fun puzzle adventure game.

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